Our services fall into 5 areas.

1. Project & Programme Management.

Helping our clients to structure and implement important programmes of change is one of our core skills and services. For many organisations, having sufficient skills that are available at the right time to successfully drive delivery can be a challenge.

This is where we come in. We work with you to utilise the resources you do have available and provide structure, planning and implementation skills to get the job done. As we have done this many times before we can come in and within hours start to be effective.

We can provide single programme or project management resources or we can provide a whole team.

2. Change Management.

Change Management is a more subtle process where things are required to be done differently, very often with the same people. Many organisations struggle to make these types of changes completely on their own and look for some help to guide them and support them.

As independent operators we have helped a variety of organisations to implement these types of changes. We work with you to provide some challenge to your ambitions and thereby ensure the plan we work on together is robust and will achieve your desired outcomes.

3. Operational and Process changes, including technology.

Most organisations are looking for ways to improve how they do things. In most cases this involves people, process and systems. We take your operational ambitions and work with you to scope out what is required and then help you to implement these changes. In many cases this activity evolves as management develop the detail and test out key assumptions. We are very used to working in this dynamic way.

4. Business Development and Underwriting Support.

Focusing on new opportunities is important for all businesses. We work with clients to help them work up their new business development opportunities and then work with them to determine a plan of activity leading to the successful implementation.

In some cases a key element is the underwriting process, here we have experience to work with your underwriting team to support team through the the process.

5. Regulatory & Risk Management.

Regulation and Risk Management is now a very important requirement in managing Financial Services businesses and especially Insurance and Banking.

The recent undertaking on Solvency II for Insurers has left many businesses in a better position, but still wondering where this new legislation will end up in the future. The European objective of having a universal method of setting and comparing capital and performance may now be in question. Encouraging Boards and Executive committees to ensure they have a good understanding of key risks in their businesses and how these risks are driving capital needs would seem to have been an important development.

Banking is undergoing significant changes following the very serious Banking crisis. Basel III is in play, but suffering similar challenges to Solvency II in terms of clarity for final implementation.

We have considerable experience of risk and regulation, especially in the Solvency II area, to help clients with the identification of risk, putting in place a risk framework and being prepared for new regulations.

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